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What is Whosner?

Whosner is a social network for finding people and building relationships that takes into account facts of modern life, digital communication, and innovative technology in the field of artificial intelligence


Why are we doing this?

Our mission is to improve the mechanism of matchmaking. With this goal in mind, we are working to create an AI system which, based on the analysis of user preferences, will select and propose meetings with people who are not only appealing to the user, but match his or her personality, lifestyle, social status, etc.


How does it work?

Based on the analysis of a user's behavior and communication within the network, a "portrait" of the account-holder will be created, reflecting his or her manner of communication, speech patterns, etc. Using this digital portrait, the AI system will be able to select partners that match the portrait's "owner," initiate correspondence, and inform the owner when communication has reached the stage when the man or woman on the other end is ready to meet in person and build a closer and warmer relationship.

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Token sales

Pre-ICO bonus:

  • A 30% discount

Main ICO bonuses

  • Day 1: +25% bonus tokens
  • Days 2-7: +20% bonus tokens
  • Week 2: +15% bonus tokens
  • Week 3: +10% bonus tokens
  • Week 4: +5% bonus tokens
  • Week 5: 0% bonus tokens

Stage 1

Private investment is attracted. The app is designed, and mobile apps are created and placed on AppleStore and GooglePlay. Private investment is attracted.

Stage 3

Marketing research is conducted. Analysis of the company's indicators. Analysis of user behavior.

Stage 5

Pre-ICO investment attraction.

Stage 7

Marketing campaign of the Whosner social network. Testing of the neural network with the company's own data. Creation of the users’ "digital images" test. Tests of "matches" proposed by the neural network. Launch of some of the neural network's functions.

Stage 2

Testing, including of fault tolerance, is conducted. The chatbot is connected.

Stage 4

The beginning of work to develop a neural network to analyze user data (database preparation, testing on third-party Big Data).

Stage 6

ICO. Marketing of the Whosner social network.

Stage 8

Promotion of the Whosner social network. Launch of the neural network functionality. Commercialization. Beginning of profit distribution.

ICO structure


Token distribution:

users - 68%
private investors (stage 1) - 20%
project team - 10%
bounty campaign - 2%

The world's first ICO for an existing social network

* A real, functioning product, not a prototype
* The chance to become a co-owner of a successful social network
* Full transparency in investing and spending
* All funds collected will be spent on the development of the network
* Over $1,200,000 from professional private investors has already been invested in the social network
* All of the technical content is ready, and its high performance has been confirmed over time

Наша команда

  • Aleksey Barsuk Senior developer
  • Stanislav Chernischuk Senior developer
  • Andrey Yakovlev Manager
  • Sergey Koshelenko IOS developer
  • Denis Dokin Designer
  • Igor Perminov IOS developer
  • Vladimir Lukin Server developer
  • Vladimir Titov Server developer
  • David Bugaev Android developer
  • Denis Sychev Designer
  • Daniil Demchenko Web developer